Roses are dead

Violets are poo

Buy plants that last

They won't disappoint you


For our first LIMITED EDITION bundle of the year, we're celebrating Valentine's Day. Let's be fair, it's tough enough thinking up gifts as it is, without them dying a week later. Instead, why not choose plants that will last as long as your love, if not longer.


If that wasn't enough to persuade you, you'll get the £50 worth of plants below for ONLY £35!


Here's what's included in our LIMITED EDITION Valentine's Day Bundle:

  • Rebecca, Syngonium Red Heart
  • Hetty, String of Hearts - medium
  • Gloria, String of Hearts Silver Glory - small
  • Helena, Hoya Kerrii


If you'd like your Valentine's Day plant delivered in the leadup to the 14th, please let us know in the notes section, or by dropping us a message.


Don't forget, you can leave a personalised gift message in the notes section at the checkout. For those that want to keep their love a secret, or prefer mystery, you could always go with something like 'From your secret admirer'.


Decorative pots not included.

Valentine's Day Plant Bundle

  • For detailed plant care guides refer to the individual plant product pages on our website. 

    If you have any questions get in touch.

Plant care basics


Place your plants in a spot where they'll thrive & not just where they'll look good - you won't regret it!


Stick your finger 2 inches into your plants soil, and if it's dry give it a drink - if not, hold off on the water.


Plants get hungry too! In spring & summer feed your plants every 2-4 weeks! Back off during Autumn & Winter.

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