Zita, a Tadescantia Zebrina, Wandering Jew, or Inch Plant, is a winner when it comes to colour and texture. Zita has zebra-patterned leaves, with her tops displaying new purple growth and green older growth parallel to leafs 'spine', as well as luminescent silver stripes along her outer edges, and her underbelly showing a deep magenta colour.


Native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean Islands, Zita is a popular plant the world over because she's so easy to care for. If Zita is happy, she will flower, revealing tiny pink-purple blooms.

Zita, Tradescantia Zebrina

  • Zita prefers bright indirect light without prolonged exposure to direct sun - a touch of morning sunlight however would be welcomed.

    If you’re not sure what level of light you have, check the shadows cast by your plant:

    • Minimal shadow = lower light
    • Half shadow = indirect light
    • Full shadow = direct sun

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