Lenny, a Notocactus Leninghausii, Ball Cactus, Lemon Ball cactus, or Golden Ball Cactus, is a species of South American cactus that's become commonly kept as a houseplant.


In the wild, Lenny grows in hilly grassland and on rockfaces between cracks in the rocks or in the shade of larger growing plants in forests. Because Lenny grows in one of the most temperate regions of South America, where the weather can become particularly cold during the winter nights, he's used to fairly harsh conditions.

Lenny, Notocactus Leninghausii Cactus

  • Lenny prefers bright light and once established will even tolerate direct sun.

    If you’re not sure what level of light you have, check the shadows cast by your plant:

    • Minimal shadow = lower light
    • Half shadow = indirect light
    • Full shadow = direct sun

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