Mikayla, a Calathea Makoyana, Calathea Cathedral Window, or Peacock Plant, is one of the most boldly patterned members of the Calathea family. Her leaves are semi-translucent, which is why she is sometimes known as the Cathedral Window Calathea. Each leaf is also marked with green-brown patterns, and minuscule veins running across her underside. 


Native to the rainforests of South America, the Calathea, Prayer Plant, and Maranta families, have unique leaf movements whereby they actually raise and lower their leaves from day to night as if getting ready for bed!


And, if that wasn’t impressive enough, they’re also great at purifying the air!

Mikayla, Calathea Makoyana - Small

  • Mikayla prefers bright indirect light to partial shade, without prolonged exposure to direct sun - a touch of morning sunlight wouldn’t go a miss.

    If you’re not sure what level of light you have, check the shadows cast by your plant:

    • Minimal shadow = lower light
    • Half shadow = indirect light
    • Full shadow = direct sun

Plant care basics


Place your plants in a spot where they'll thrive & not just where they'll look good - you won't regret it!


Stick your finger 2 inches into your plants soil, and if it's dry give it a drink - if not, hold off on the water.


Plants get hungry too! In spring & summer feed your plants every 2-4 weeks! Back off during Autumn & Winter.

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