Just like fruit & veg, plants come in all shapes and sizes. Some might not come top of a beauty contest, but they'll still put a smile on your face for years to come. Our Perfectly Imperfect Plants are exactly that. They might be a strange shape or have the odd mark, but they're still beautiful. No matter which way these plants grow, or the marks they show, they're still as healthy as every other plant we sell.


What are my imperfections?

  • I was damaged in transit
  • A few of my leaves were damaged and have since been removed
  • I'm not quite as full as my sisters 
  • I'm a fast grower, so don't worry
  • As I'm not 'perfect', I can't be returned, and I'm not covered by a guarantee 


Payten, a Pachira Aquatica, Guiana Chestnut, or Money Tree, is a well-known tree that has adapted very well to growing indoors. Believe it or not, under Fengshui, when Payten is carefully placed, she will create positive energy.


Payten has a trunk of several stems braided together, which helps to lock in the good fortune. If that wasn't enough, the top of Payten has a 5-lobed leaf arrangement, which is also considered lucky. 

Perfectly Imperfect, Pachira Aquatica

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  • Payten prefers bright indirect light to partial shade, without prolonged exposure to direct sun - a touch of morning sunlight wouldn’t go a miss.

    If you’re not sure what level of light you have, check the shadows cast by your plant:

    • Minimal shadow = lower light
    • Half shadow = indirect light
    • Full shadow = direct sun

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