If you've got small plants, tiny plants, or even baby plants, we've got you covered!


The sophisticated timeless design of this elho Brussels pot in Anthracite brings out the best in your houseplants. Because of its timeless appearance, the Brussels flowerpot suits any interior. Made with recycled plastic, the Brussels pot is highly durable, and will stand a good deal of wear and tear.


If you've not heard of elho before then you're missing out. Elho understands the beauty of waste, in fact, 80% of the materials they use are made from recycled plastic. Last year alone, they used 8,400,000kg of recycled plastic - yes, you read that right, more than 8 million tonnes!


If that wasn't enough, elho's production line is 100% powered by energy from their very own wind turbine in the back garden!

elho Brussels Mini Pot - Anthracite

  • 7cm

    • Opening for plants - 6.5cm
    • Height -6cm
    • Width - 6.7cm
    • Drainage holes - No


    • Opening for plants - 9.5cm to be safe
    • Height - 8.9cm
    • Width - 10cm
    • Drainage holes - No

Plant care basics


Place your plants in a spot where they'll thrive & not just where they'll look good - you won't regret it!


Stick your finger 2 inches into your plants soil, and if it's dry give it a drink - if not, hold off on the water.


Plants get hungry too! In spring & summer feed your plants every 2-4 weeks! Back off during Autumn & Winter.

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