Mary, a Crassula Marneriana or Jade Necklace, has tightly stacked leaves and red-tinted edges. Her nickname comes from the unique structure of her leaves, which mimic, you guessed it, a necklace. As she grows larger, she'll begin to spill over the edges of her pot, which makes for a great focal point.


Native to Africa, Mary is more commonly found growing upwards from the ground, and when she's happy you might be lucky enough to see her small star-shaped white flowers.

Mary, Crassula Marneriana

  • Mary prefers bright indirect light without prolonged exposure to direct sun - a touch of morning sunlight however would be welcomed.

    If you’re not sure what level of light you have, check the shadows cast by your plant:

    • Minimal shadow = lower light
    • Half shadow = indirect light
    • Full shadow = direct sun

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