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Frequently asked questions

I don't want my child to become aggressive. Won't this martial art make them get into fights?

Simply put, NO. It seems counterintuitive, we know, but actually kids often become less aggressive/violent as a result of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. Just like many sports, it’s a powerful method of channeling (and relieving) aggressive energy, while at the same time increasing respect and care for others.While we teach kids to be more tough and confident, it’s all in the name of self-defense and as a last resort – not as a weapon to attack.

My child is frightened at school – can Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu reduce their fear?

Yes. Many children who are afraid develop confidence after studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have confidence in their ability to defend themselves against bullies if they need to and that helps defeat fear!

My child is turning into (or is) a bully - will this training stop it?

YES, with time and effort it certainly will. Remember, children who bully others often do so out of fear or feeling inadequate. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches them to respect themselves (and others) and to have the confidence to rectify problems without using aggression.

My child is aggressive - will this make him more aggressive?

Absolutely not! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training (aka "The Gentle Art) does not teach aggression. Inf fact, it fosters the opposite. It teaches self-respect, respect for others, and control. Your child will start channeling their aggressive energy into more positive things.

Will this training help my child's performance in school class?

Yes. Children who do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu learn that consistent hard work pays off. With our unique approach children value each little success which in turn help them to believe in themselves so they have faith that they can achieve their goals

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