The Loft Leaf Story

It all started when we discovered that we both liked gardening and plants whilst on our first date Q&A with one another. Now, we might have both been into plants but only one of us actually had any real plants!

Fast forward a few months and it's safe to say that the real plant addiction had consumed both of us.

We had separate apartments at this point so focused on filling just one of them with as many plants as possible. It wasn't long before we had too many to count and we started to get 'serious' about keeping plants.

Once we started looking for apartments together we knew that one of the key things we were looking for were big windows for the plants! As soon as we came across our new place, the Loft Leaf seed was firmly planted.

“Plants have always been part of my life, so much so that I’ve been in trouble a few times because of my fascination! 


You could say that I have a mischievous side, after all, I am a ginge, it runs in my blood right? When I was 4 I pulled all the flower heads from the plants at my nursery - I know, awful! I still get reminded of the phone call my parents had from the nursery asking if they would be ok with them putting me on the naughty step!


Now, 24 years later I find myself running my own houseplant business, obsessing over even the most minute imperfections - how times have changed!"


We moved into our current apartment shortly before Coronavirus really escalated. Like the rest of the country, we were spending almost all of our time inside, and since then we've come to realise is how much we truly value plants, not only for their stunning appearance but also for how they positively impact mental health and wellbeing.

As planned we had started our Instagram account, which you will now know as Loft Leaf - 'Loft Leaf - why the name?' we hear you ask, well, our apartment is in what would have been a loft way back when, and leaf, that doesn't need an explanation!

Over the next few months, our page evolved into something bigger than we ever imagined, and as a result of the unbelievable, ever-growing, support from our followers, Loft Leaf is a fully-fledged business Nurturing Plant Addiction nationwide.

IMG_9796 (1).jpg

"I'll be honest, before meeting Em I definitely liked plants, but now I LOVEEE plants. But, don't tell her that, she'll take all the credit....

I was brought up gardening and spent most school breaks in the back yard with my parents doing sorts of landscaping - you name it, we've tried it! I think the best thing we did was 'pimp' the pond by adding a waterfall and miniature beach.

So, it was only natural that at some point my love of gardening would progress to houseplants, and as you've already read, in came Em!

Loft Leaf began as a mutual hobby for the both of us, and now it's a mutual hobby with everyone - that's what Loft Leaf is about!



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